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Feeds & Animal Products

Wild Bird

Check out of our selection of bird seed, including brands like Flyers’ Feast®, Feathered Friend®, and our Agway® In-House Brand.


We’ve got you covered with Purina’s® Layena and Flock Block, products, as well as Country Feeds® Layer Feed and Nature’s Best® Organic Egg Layer Crumbles.


You can’t go wrong with our variety of horse products including bedding pellets from McFeeters® and America’s Choice®, as well as excellent feeds from Purina®, Nutrena®, and Triple Crown®.


We cover products from cattle to goat to pig in our livestock section. We carry products like Chaffhaye’s® Premium Alfalfa, Southern States® Quality Goat Feed, Wrangler’s® Livestock Feed, and generic re-cleaned grains.

Deer & Wildlife

We carry products for deer like Purina’s® Antlermax and Premium Deer Block. We also stock shelled corn for other wildlife.

Pet Food & Supplies

When it comes to your pets, we have something for each one of them. We carry foods like Nutro®, Zignature®, and Royal Canin®.

Home & Garden

Home Goods

Stop in to see our variety of home goods, also including canning supplies.

Lawn & Garden

We stock a variety of products for the lawn and garden. Give us a call for more details and specific product availability.

Driveway Salt & Sealers

We also stock ice melters of various kinds for the winter months, and driveway sealers to keep your pavement looking great all year long, rain or shine.

Pool Supplies

In our pool supplies section we stock products like water testing equipment, pool chemicals, and cleaning gear. Give us a call for specific products!

Farm & Fuel
Farm Supplies

We carry a variety of farm gear and equipment. Give us a call for availability.

Propane and Fuels

Stop in to stock up on propane as well as traditional fuels like wood chips and charcoal.